Sundays with Resonate

Sundays with Resonate are time to refresh, reflect and re-connect with a loving a church and a more loving God.

What You'll Experience
What You'll Experience

From the moment you walk in, our desire for you is to encounter an indescribable God in a radically transformative way! At Resonate, you’ll find people who care about where you’ve come from and who’ll join you on the journey God has you on.

No matter where you’re at in life and faith, we want you to walk away with the belief and hope that God has destined you with incredible purpose and significance. That’s why our weekly sermons are packed with inspirational truth that is anchored in practical application for everyday life.


What You Can Expect?
What You Can Expect?

Our Sunday gatherings seek to blend casual with meaningful. You’ll be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers who will help you find the coffee, bathroom, kid’s ministry, and your seat. Let them know that you’re new; there are a lot of new faces around Resonate.

Our services run about 63 minutes and include worship, teaching, and time for reflection. We meet at the communion table every single week. We practice open communion here, meaning that everyone is invited.

What About Kids?
What About Kids?

If you have children Birth – 5th grade, Resonate Kids is the place for them! We will help you find their age-appropriate class, get them checked in, and on your way to your worship service.

If you want or need to keep your kiddos with you, not a problem. We also have a cry room for moms, who are nursing or just need to keep their child with them.


Will my kids be safe?

Absolutely! We treat your kids as if they were our own because our kids are in there, also. We have trained adults to keep an eye on your little ones. You’re welcome to check out the kid’s space, hang out, or pop in.

How long is service?

We try to keep it to 63 minutes. We don’t know why that is our number, but we like it and try to stick to it. If we do run over, it’s only about 5 mins.

What Should I Wear?

It might feel like a weird question, but we get this a lot. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Most people are in jeans or shorts. But it’s up to you. If you’re a shorts and Birkenstock’s girl, rock on. If you like to class up it a bit with a sports coat over a v-neck. Nice.

Can I come if __________?

The short answer is: YES! Resonate is a community made up of all sorts of people. Come as you are, and we’ll meet you there.

How Big Is Resonate?

I’ve found this to be an important question. Resonate is still small. Expect around 35-45 people on Sunday. This allows us to have a more intimate and personal worship and teaching time. Despite our small size, we are growing and look forward to you making Resonate your home.

Let us know you’re coming

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